Who we are

WEC International Australia is an Autonomous Branch of the worldwide movement of WEC. We are part of a representation of people in over 80 countries who want to see the Gospel shared to unreached peoples.

What we do

WEC (Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ) is an international organisation whose primary goal is to share the liberating gospel of Jesus with people. We aim to go to the least evangelised people and give…

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Our Passion

In 1913, as CT Studd prepared to sail to Africa, the Lord gave him a huge vision: ‘This journey is not just for Africa, it is for the whole un-evangelised world.’ As we have passed the 100th anniversary of…

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Our History

When C.T. Studd, founder of what became WEC International, set up camp at Nangara and then at Nala and Ibambi in the Congo, he had one aim - to share the liberating gospel of Jesus with people who needed to…

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WEC International

Head Quarters for the International Leaders of WEC is in Singapore. The team there help each Branch of WEC throughout the world remain consistent in the core practices as well as overall oversight of planning…

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Betel began in Spain in the inner city barrio of San Blas, Madrid almost three decades ago when a small group of WEC International missionaries began to care for the needs of a few drug addicts and…

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Rainbows of Hope

Millions of children around the world are suffering pain and trauma as a result of events beyond their control: abusive home situations, war, poverty, HIV/AIDS, sexual exploitation, living on danger-filled…

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