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COVID-19 Update, 30 March 2020

In September 1939, just after World War II had begun and with the world in crisis, Norman Grubb (the International director of that time and the son-in-law of CT Studd) wrote the following words to the WEC fellowship:

“He has taught us these years to keep our eyes fixed on Him and see Him working out His own glorious purposes through the greatest apparent disaster." Grubb reaffirmed [to the fellowship] that we were to stand 100 per cent, devoted to this one cause to which He has called us, worldwide evangelisation. He went on to elaborate, "We have regarded these times of crisis as a special opportunity for proving the promises of God, and launched out in faith for advance and supply for existing needs... We were led deliberately to trust God for increases from the day the war broke out, and the answer has been abundant. "

As the Coronavirus continues to spread at a rapid rate, these words spoken 80 years ago are still applicable in 2020 as we navigate the global effects of this crisis. We are moving into a time of ministry which will look very different from what we have been accustomed to. Yet our desire and global vision 'to see Christ known, loved and worshipped by the unreached peoples of the world' remains the same. We want to share with you how WEC Australia is responding to this pandemic, particularly with respect to the care of our members, both in Australia and overseas.

The Australian leadership team has been in direct contact with our workers and we are pleased to report that they are in good health overall and are taking all necessary precautions as per the recommendations in their respective countries. While each of our areas in the world are autonomous in terms of their governance and operations, the Australian team is carefully monitoring the situation in consultation with our international leadership and the local leaders. In the event that the situation in their country worsens we will work together with our colleagues on the ground to find the best way forward for their situation.

In terms of travel, WEC Australia is following government recommendations by enforcing a ban on international and domestic WEC-related travel. All our centres are complying with self-distancing and hygiene requirements to reduce the chance of spread of the virus and all meetings are happening online in a 'virtual capacity'. Thankfully there are no restrictions on the ability to pray and as a mission, we continue to seek God's purposes at this challenging time.

We appreciate your prayers and partnership as we work alongside our members in Australia and overseas at this unprecedented time in history. Like Norman Grubb and others who came through challenging periods in history, may we 100% lean on the one who calls us.

The WEC Australia Board

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