How are you travelling?

God has you on a journey.

For some that journey has been a long one with many twists and turns, while others of you are just starting out. Along the way you will encounter opportunities and will have to make decisions about the way you go. God leads and guides, He shares His wisdom, and will prompt you as you search for His direction and will. Often God will bring others along side to walk with you, to help you to discern His will and His leading. At WEC Australia we believe that we can be some of those who walk with you, help you seek God and discern where God wants you to serve.

Stepping Into Mission provides opportunities for us to walk along side you and to help you discover if God wants you to be someone who goes overseas to share Jesus where they don't know His name. The Stepping Into Mission programme has options for you if you're exploring your first or next steps in mission, if you're investigating short-term mission, or if you're interested in a gap year or internship.

Kids (primary aged)

To start anything you need to take your First Step and exploring a missions journey is no different. The First Step Kids programme provides an introduction to missions for children, highlighting the need of people round the world to hear about Jesus and of people to go overseas as missionaries.

Teens (high schoolers)

As well as taking a First Step on the mission journey, you need to be willing to take the Next Step in order to keep moving forward. For teens, there is both a First Step Teens programme and also a Next Step Teens programme. Like First Step Kids, our First Step Teens programme provides an introduction to missions and highlights the need of people round the world to hear about Jesus and of people to go overseas as missionaries. Next Step Teens provides a opportunity to dig a little deeper and really start to engage with the idea of what God is doing around the world to make Jesus' name know, loved and worshipped by those who don't know Him yet.

Click the links for more on either First Step Teens or Next Step Teens:

Next Steps (18+)

Regardless of where you are on your your journey there are always Next Steps to be taken. The Next Steps programme will help you to discern which way God is leading you on your journey. Together we will discover what God’s heart really is for the nations, how He has been at work from the time of Jesus until now and what is happening round the world today to make John's vision in Revelation 7 a reality.

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STOMP (18+)

The best way to get your feet wet in world missions is to STOMP (Short Term Overseas Mission Programme). Whether alone or as part of a team, in one of many nations, no matter your age, experience or background there is something you can do. For as little as one week all the way to two years there are opportunities for you. Find your place in God's plan for this world, the adventure awaits.

WEC Australia has two types of STOMP available, click the links for more information:

Jump (18-23)

Are you all in, but want a little more experience and disciplining? Well Jump to it! Jump is the WEC Australia gap year programme for 18-23 year olds. Jump gives you opportunities to serve here in Australia and to go overseas for three months and serve there. You'll gain vital life experience, a rich understanding of missions, an opportunity to serve, and a chance to really determine the direction God is leading you.

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Leap (21+)

Leap to action and make a difference in the world around you by encouraging others to get involved in God's mission and by using some of the skills that you have learnt in life. Leap gives those in their early 20s an opportunity to serve with WEC here in Australia for 16 hours a week, if you have gifts and skills in media, or if you simply enjoy connecting with others and encouraging them in their walk, there something you can do.

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