stepping into mission

God has you on a journey.

For some that journey has been a long one with many twists and turns, while others of you are just starting out.

Along the way you will encounter opportunities and will have to make decisions about the way you go. God leads and guides, He shares His wisdom, and will prompt you as you search for His direction and will.

Often God will bring others along side to walk with you, to help you to discern His will and His leading. As WEC Australia we hope to be among those walking together with you.

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Stepping Into Mission provides opportunities for us to walk alongside you to help you discover if God wants you to go overseas to share Jesus where they don't know His name.

Or maybe he is calling you to support others who do go. Or to engage in mission right where you are. There is a role for all God's people in fulfilling his great commission.

With something for primary schoolers through to adults, there is a step for you to take into mission. Step into mission with WEC today.

The Stepping Into Mission program has options for you if you're exploring your first or next steps in mission, investigating short-term mission, or if you're interested in a gap year or internship.

stepping into mission

Which step is for you?

Kids - [Primary Aged]


To start anything you need to take your First Step

Exploring a missions journey is no different.

The First Step Kids programme provides an introduction to missions for children, highlighting the need of people all around the world to hear about Jesus and of the need for people to go overseas as missionaries.

With option for churches, schools and individuals, why not take a first step?

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. (1 Timothy 4:12)

Teens [highschoolers]

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As well as taking a First Step on the mission journey, you need to be willing to take the Next Step in order to keep moving forward. For teens, there is both a First Step Teens programme and a Next Step Teens programme.

Like First Step Kids, our First Step Teens programme provides an introduction to missions and highlights the need of people around the world to hear about Jesus and of people to go overseas as missionaries.

Next Step Teens provides a opportunity to dig a little deeper and really start to engage with the idea of what God is doing around the world to make Jesus' name know, loved and worshipped by those who don't know Him yet.

For many long term missionaries their initial sense of calling to missions happens during their teen years. Having opportunities for this to be fostered is important to see that calling fullfilled.

Are you feeling it? What will you do about it?

Adults [18 and overs]


Stepping into adulthood brings much excitement for the future. In many way life begins as childhood and school are over. Now you are legal, you are free. The question of what you do with that freedom lies before you.

That inkling in your spirit, that whisper to Go and make disciples is still there. How will you foster that call? How will you explore what God is saying to you. Take the time to learn, to seek God, to walk with others on that path to missions.

Explore what God is doing in the world.

Take your NEXT STEPS to learn, discern and be equipped for the future.

Get your boots dirty; go short term with a WEC STOMP.

JUMP into a gap year program, being discipled and gaining vital experience of what a future in missions could be like.

LEAP into an internship, working part time with WEC to discover your future.

God is always calling, always commanding, always drawing us closer to Himself, desiring us to walk with him as he fulfils his mission

for churches, schools or groups

Have you considered how a WEC Stepping into mission can benefit your church, school or Youth Group?

WEC's Stepping Into Mission initiative offers a great introduction to missions for all ages in your church whether for those just starting to discover missions, for those who want to go deeper, or even for those who want to 'just go!'

Maybe your Church or Christian School has been considering sending a team overseas, but its just seems too hard. Get in touch and let our experience and resources meet your needs and facilitate your church getting out there among the nations.