Teaching Girls in Crisis (137)

Duration 3-12 Months
Region Africa
Country Senegal
Skills / Passion Education & Training
Where should girls go to school whose mothers are begging in the streets? Or selling a few potatoes a day to survive? Where should those girls get an
education who have never been able to go toschool, but are now too old to start? Girls who are never told "I love you"?

House of Hope in Senegal is doing exactly this. You want to be part of it? Your commitment means hope and a future for these girls. Show them that they are loved and valued and that God cares for them! And that you do too.

Willingness to teach full time with Senegalese curriculum, teacher training is an
advantage, but not a condition.
Love to work with children.
Fluency in French is a pre-requisite for working at the House of Hope.
Duration at least one full school year (11 months). For more information visit: House Of Hope

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