about wec

Who we are and what we do

WEC (Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ) is an international organisation whose primary goal is to share the gospel of Jesus with those who have never heard.

We aim to go to the least evangelised people and give them the opportunity to hear why Jesus came and why He had to die.

WEC International: Reaching People, Planting Churches, Mobilising for Mission.

In 1913, as CT Studd prepared to sail to Africa, the Lord gave him a huge vision:

‘This journey is not just for Africa, it is for the whole un-evangelised world.’

From this vision WEC was born.

who we are

WEC is 1800+ people from over 50 nations working in over 80 nations.

WEC is a fellowship of Christ followers who are willing to go anywhere in the world that he asks us to go...

“To see Christ known, loved, and worshipped by the unreached peoples of the world.”

As we enter the life of a local community our desire is to see churches flourish in cultures where the name of Christ is unknown.

Our diverse activities include church planting, youth work, teaching, medical work, music and the arts. Bible translation and literacy, business enterprises, ministries with addicts and children in crisis, and helping local Christians to share the gospel cross-culturally.

WEC is committed to finding new, creative and culturally-relevant ways of sharing the hope of Christ.

Churchplanting among the Unreached

Whilst WEC does many things in order to see the gospel shared, and disciples made, WEC is primarily a church planting mission.

We believe God wants there to be local churches among unreached peoples. A local church is God's community in which people find ultimate fulfillment and spiritual destiny. It's the community through which he reveals himself to the world. Furthermore, we see that Jesus and Paul and many others in the New Testament did this as a template for us to do - as well as commanding us to do likewise.

What is Church Planting

There are 3 key processes:

  • Share the stories of Jesus (Evangelism).
  • Walk alongside those who are seeking him (Discipleship).
  • Gather these seekers into communities of faith that we call 'church'.

WEC believes that cross-cultural ministry should be catalytic: our presence starts a reaction that leads to local movements of people into faith communities.

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wec in australia

Whilst WEC's primary task is sharing the gospel among the unreached around the world, WEC Australia works through a number of different teams to enable people to be trained, prepared and sent so that the gospel can be shared around the world and at home.

WEC also has a number of international ministries that seek to minister the gospel in specific ways.

Moved by God's love WEC ministers the gospel