...Jesus is calling...

For each of us, the life of a disciple is one of walking with Jesus, walking where He goes, letting His Spirit set the direction, pace and destination. As well as everything along the way.

As Jesus called Simon Peter to leave his fishing nets to follow him, so too he calls each of us to follow him. He calls us to himself, and sends us out - with himself. With his message of the Kingdom - his good news for the nations.

Maybe you are just beginning to hear his voice calling, wanting to get your feet wet through short term opportunities, or maybe you are ready for something longer term.

Jesus is calling... lets go!


GO short term


Short term is a great way of trying missions out for yourself. Maybe you are wondering about a place of future service and want to go to 'hear God speak', or perhaps you have a short amount of time and want to put it to use for the sake of those who have never heard of Jesus.

Whether alone or as part of a team there are many ways you can get involved.

Get into the boat

go longterm

Are you ready to get out of the boat?

It's time! You know that its time for you to take the big plunge - to get out of the boat and make that long term commitment. What does it take? How does one go about actually joining a mission and becoming a long-termer? Surely there is more than just buying a one way ticket and packing a bag? Take the time to explore what it means to go long term with WEC. To join others of God's people as they seek him together and go. The Candidate process is the next step.

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the candidate process

On your journey to a field there is a lot to do to prepare you. WEC has several training areas that will help you learn how to effectively live in cross cultural situation while planting churches. Whether you are after formal bible college training, WEC has a number of training colleges around the world, as well as our required candidate orientation training - preparing people for the journey ahead.