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AUSCON 2018 at Worldview Centre; Starting 6PM Saturday 29th September at the evening meal until Friday 5th October after breakfast.

From the ALT,
Greetings to you all! AUSCON is nearly upon us and we are looking forward to being together as a Branch. This year our theme is 'Passion.Purpose'

This may sound familiar to you as it was the theme for Intercon earlier in the year.

We felt that this was an appropriate and inspiring theme as well as a way of feeding back to the Branch some of what was shared and experienced there.

So we have an exciting program for you, including devotional input from our own delegates who attended Intercon.

  • updates and discussion on WEC International issues such as the new MAP goals and current missional research trends,
  • training sessions in the areas of storytelling, child protection, the new wiki, crisis management and;
  • some new areas of ministry being rolled out within WEC Australia as a result of the Strategic Plan.
  • We will also be proposing new WEC Australia values as well as having some focussed time of prayer for our members and UPGs.

Our children and teenagers will once again have a great program of their own being run parallel with ours.

We would like to remind you that as members of the WEC Australia Branch and in accordance with the practice document, there is an expectation for you to attend. We hope however you will not see it as an obligation, but rather as a great opportunity to interact with fellow members and be built up spiritually.

In the event that you feel it is not possible to attend, please contact the ALT.

Cost: for meals and accommodation from evening meal Saturday to Friday’s breakfast.

  • $100 adult for the whole week - $20 per day/night
  • $50 under 15 per week - $10 per day/night
  • Under 5 free.