Catch The Wave - Auscon 2021

This year our theme is ‘Catch the Wave’ and our speakers will be Neville and Elizabeth Clarke, our ‘very own’ area directors. ‘Catch the Wave’ is an excellent resource being used in WI and we look forward to how God will use the Clarkes to speak into our lives.

AUSCON is now just under 2 months away and we are looking forward to being together as a Branch, especially as we are planning to be face to face! We are aware that for some of you, the ‘isolation’ and inability to travel, due to COVID, has been frustration and so the opportunity to be together is an exciting prospect!

As members of the WEC Australia Branch and in accordance with the practice document, there is an expectation for you to attend.

At the same time, we realise that the change of date may have adversely affected you. If this is your situation and it is not possible to attend, please continue to registration to record your apology or contact the ALT.

AUSCON 2021 will be held at Worldview beginning at 6pm Saturday July 3 for the evening meal and ending on Friday July 9 after breakfast. When booking flights, we encourage you to take these times into consideration and, where possible, ‘stay the course’.