Want to support the amazing work WEC are doing? 100% of all designated gifts go towards funding the continual work of Reaching People and Planting Churches without administrative deductions.
(Some banks may charge fees, we cannot avoid this).

There are a few ways to support WEC workers financially:

  • A general donation to help our Team in Australia Care, Mobilise and send workers to other countries to Reach People and plant Churches,
  • A donation to a team of WEC workers overseas,
  • A donation to a WEC person you know and want to support their ministry.
All of your donation is sent to your designated purpose, except for some third party bank fees we have no control over, WEC administration covers all bank fees incurred with your gift.

Please put the purpose of the donation into the description box

Pay Now

There are several ways to make a donation to WEC, a WEC member, team or project.

  • Use the button above to make a single gift. Credit Card fees reduce the amount of your donation.
  • Regular donations can be set up by your self as a periodic transfer to our account from yours through Internet Banking. You can use this form to let us know when you send the donation to us. This method incurs no fees for us.
  • Regular donations by Direct Debit from your bank account or Credit Card by Ezidebit. You may use this form to set up the Direct Debit, or set it up online here.
  • Donations by cheque. Pease use this form to send with your cheque.This method incurs no fees for us.

For Credit Card payments internationally use the link below:

How does your donation to a WEC member get to them?

  • When we receive your gift we note your designation and allocate it to a fund of the same designation name.
  • At the end of each month we total all the amounts in each fund and process them into a series of transactions.
  • These transactions transfer the total of each fund from our bank account to a nominated bank account owned by the WEC member, team or project. We also send a statement listing all the gifts and donors for that month.
  • If the nominated bank account is in Australia, we use a simple bank transfer to the account.
  • If the nominated bank account is overseas, we send the money via Western Union in the respective bank accounts currency.
  • Some WEC teams, members or projects request that the funds are sent to an overseas WEC treasurer responsible for distributing the money locally. Again we use Western Union to send the money to the nominated WEC Branch bank account for the treasurer to manage the transfers locally.
Donations to WEC members, teams and some projects are NOT TAX deductible.