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Donate to Members of WEC

Donate to Members of WEC, either ministering at home or overseas.

Donate to A WEC Ministry Project

Donate to a Ministry Project run by WEC Members, with either at home or overseas

Donate to WEC Centres

We have 4 main centres and a training college. We budget for maintenance, upkeep, utilities, rates etc out of our general income. These are strategic to the work we do overseas.

Donate to WEC Hope Projects

You can donate to WEC Hope Projects. 

WEC Hope Ltd. is a registered Public Benevolent Institution with the ACNC and ATO.
ABN 64 642 390 878

We are able to give Tax Deductible Receipts for approved projects when the the donation is made in Australia by an Australian Tax Resident.

WEC appreciates your financial support.

Since our foundation WEC has committed itself to relying on the witness of the Holy Spirit in people heart's to give financially to WEC, its members and ministries.

Of course our missionaries, both home and overseas, need finance to live and run ministries, and we trust for people to willingly partner with us and God for His provision.

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Need to update your payment details?

If you have changed your Bank Account or have a new Credit Card we can help you update those details. We never keep any of your financial details, so the process to update them requires us to enter the new details, there is no self service facility.
In order that we are sure it is you requesting the change we need you to call us.

We will never accept changes requested by email.


Call us on 02 9166 6945

A Matter of Trust

WEC are very concerned as official data shows billions of dollars is lost to scams. We know that anyone is suceptible to the many forms and sophistication of relentless scammers.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission is advising a simple check before donating and we would encourage anyone to check our validity as a Charity registered and affirmed by the ACNC.

To do this you may click this link to see our registration or, in case you don't like clicking links,  we also sugget seaching for the ACNC on the web then search for the charity W.E.C. International.


  • A donation to help WEC in Australia as we Care for, Mobilise and send workers to other countries to reach people and plant churches
  • A donation to a team or project of WEC workers overseas
  • A donation to a WEC person you know to support their ministry
  • Set it up as a periodic or single payment through your Internet Banking.
  • This form has our bank account details for internet banking, and space to let us know about the donation.
  • When we receive your gift we note the recipient or designation and allocate it to a special designated fund.
  • At the end of each month we total all the amounts in each fund and process them into a series of transactions.
  • These transactions transfer the total of each fund from our bank account to a nominated bank account owned by the WEC member, team or project. We also send a statement listing all the gifts and donors for that month.
  • If the nominated bank account is in Australia, we use a simple bank transfer to the account.
  • If the nominated bank account is overseas, we send the money via Convera (Western Union) in the respective bank accounts currency.
  • Some WEC teams, members or projects request that the funds are sent to an overseas WEC treasurer responsible for distributing the money locally. Again we use Western Union to send the money to the nominated WEC Branch bank account for the treasurer to manage the transfers locally.

Donations to WEC members, teams and some projects are NOT TAX deductible.

All of your donation is sent to your designated purpose. Except for some third party bank fees we have no control over, WEC administration covers all fees incurred with your gift.

  • This form has our address for cheques details for internet banking, and space to let us know about the donation.