WEC (Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ) is an international organisation whose primary goal is to share the liberating gospel of Jesus with people.

We aim to go to the least evangelised people and give them the opportunity to hear why Jesus came and why He had to die.

To do this, we rely on people just like you to answer their calling to become missionaries and help plant churches in some of the most unreached portions of the world.

Why Plant Churches?

Because we believe God wants there to be local churches among unreached peoples. A local church is God's community in which people find ultimate fulfilment and spiritual destiny. It's the community through which he reveals himself to the world.

Furthermore, we see that Jesus and Paul and many others in the New Testament did this as a template for us to do - as well as commanding us to do likewise.

Where do WEC Plant Churches?

WEC has a ministry presence in more than 100 people groups in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central Asia, the South Pacific and Latin America. Some WEC Centres primarily facilitate the sending of cross-cultural workers from local churches, while others catalyse new churches among unreached people groups.

What does it take to Plant a Church?

There are 3 key processes:

  • Share the stories of Jesus (Evangelism).
  • Walk alongside those who are seeking him (Discipleship).
  • Gather these seekers into communities of faith that we call 'church'.

WEC believes that cross-cultural ministry should be catalytic: our presence starts a reaction that leads to local movements of people into faith communities.