In 1913, as CT Studd prepared to sail to Africa, the Lord gave him a huge vision: ‘This journey is not just for Africa, it is for the whole un-evangelised world.’

As we have passed the 100th anniversary of that momentous journey, is that ‘big vision’ still the heartbeat of WEC? Absolutely!

Recently, every WEC team across the globe asked the Lord what direction He wanted to take them for the coming eight years. Then, as WEC’s leaders gathered together, those responses were collated and presented. And what a big vision the Lord has given!

Reaching people: The Lord is leading us to engage with 33 new people groups – meaning we will serve in 134 people groups worldwide (most of whom are considered ‘unreached’).

Planting churches: The Lord is leading us to move into 180 new locations.

Mobilising for mission: To reach those goals we will need to see at least 1200 new workers join our teams.

This vision is so big it will only be possible through reliance on the Lord in focussed prayer. Our fourth collective goal expresses this:

We want to see an effective, persistent, informed prayer network for every unevangelised people group with which we are engaged

100 years: much to celebrate, but still much to be done! The Lord is leading us forward, and still speaking to us to give us that ‘bigger vision’. Journey with us, pray with us, in these exciting and challenging days! Let us know what you think below - can we reach these goals - and how; or are we just foolish for trying?