Our national Prayer Gatherings provide one way for us to come together with like minded pray-ers around the country to join in informed and discerned prayer on behalf of the nations. As a mission we value the place of prayer in all we do and as significant in our ministry. To that extent seeing pray-ers grow and develop as well as being fed quality prayer-fuel on behalf of the nations is important. Prayer Gatherings are just one way that WEC seeks to do this.

There is always a strong worship component that extends beyond singing alone, and surrounds all we do. By focusing on God first, we come into a deeper place of prayer and discernment. And from that position before the throne of God seek to pray his prayers for the nations he loves.

March 2019 saw about 80 people join together at Advent Park, Perth, WA for our 5th annual Prayer Gathering. See below for details and reflections.

Previous prayer gatherings have been held in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

Where will we find ourselves in 2020?