Prayer is an important part of life as a missionary, following a prayer guide is a great way to remind you of all the great work that is being done throughout the world to include in your daily prayers.

We are called to make God’s glory known among the nations. We recognise, therefore, that our greatest need is passion for his glory. We commit ourselves to prayer that hungers for Christ in our lives and for his glory in the nations. We call on the Lord to create among us a shared longing to know his glory; to see him and become more like him. We choose to be a people who are unashamed to live hungry for him, whatever the cost, and will be bold in our pursuit of this great goal. We believe this is central to the new growth and advances the Lord has planned for his glory.

Many Ways to Pray

There are many ways that you can pray - choose your option.

Will you accept the challenge of 40 days of intercession for a cause, a people group or a ministry? (see below). Or maybe you want to make a long term commitment to praying for an individual worker or becoming a prayer advocate for a specific branch, nation or people group? How about joining in with a group of intercessors to pray together, whether face to face or by distance? Or being part of a Prayer Team that goes to the nations?

If you are interested in any of the above, or want to know more about praying for the nations contact us to find out more.

Pray Every Day

Or does this sound too hard? Do you want to pray, and get involved, but pray the easy way? Why not join us through the Prayer Mate app. A great way to get daily prayer points for Australian WEC members and ministries. Available on iOS, Android

Sign up via the QR code or the link below.

40 Days of Prayer

There are many things we can pray for, and the concept of praying for 40 days for a specific cause or breakthrough is a great way of doing this. Whilst there are many things you can pray for - it can be anything, a people group on your heart, your own nation, community or a particular cause. Anything really.

One such cause we would ask you to consider praying for is 40 Days of Prayer for Fishers of Men. That's just a fancy way of saying, to pray for God to send his people - and we are thinking Australians - out with his gospel. Whether you pray by yourself or with others -its a great challenge for a small group wanting to make a difference through prayer - take the challenge today. Download the booklet today.

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WEC's 40 Days of Prayer Booklet

Gather to Pray

Whilst it can be great to pray alone in the upper room, it is also incredibly powerful to gather with others to pray.

WEC Australia values prayer in everything we do, and around the country there are many opportunities to meet with others to pray, all around the country.

WEC can also be found running a number of prayer events, prayer retreats, prayer days and larger prayer gatherings around the country. To keep aware of what is going on check out the Event page of this website.