A mate of mine helped me with a car problem I had the other day. It was something that might be simple to some, but not me. But after about 20 minutes, we had a problem. A tool was missing. We looked high & low to no avail. I think it was a number 17 we were looking for (whatever that means - like I said, it wouldn't be simple to me!!!), so instead we (well...he!) used a number 16. Or maybe 14. Anyway, you get the idea.

The job took twice as long, and although we got it done, it was harder work. And it was initially frustrating not being able to do what we'd set out to.

What tools can you learn now so that when God sets you into ministry you can be as efficient as possible? Here's a few ideas when it comes to mission overseas...

  • Learning how to learn a language & culture well - something like the PROBE course that Wycliffe runs would be great
  • Knowing your Bible well, especially when it comes to sharing it with others who may think differently to you, is irreplaceable - Worldview College runs some great courses that will help you here
  • Becoming proficient in a skill that you can use - be it Teaching English, or a Trade, or Running a business - can help you get a visa and provide a platform for ministry too

There's just a few ideas. Add yours below. (BTW, we found the right tool after we'd finished! It was under the seat of my car, right where someone had left it...)