You're a missionary. It's 4pm and you're making salt and pepper calamari with a national non-Christian friend. That is until you realise you've run out of salt. No problem - there's a store just down the road. Easy. Except one thing.

You see, in the culture of the people you live amongst, buying salt in the afternoon will result in either your family or the family of the person who sold it to you being cursed and something dreadful happening to them.

So you've got 2 choices:

  • Buy it - after all, it's just a superstition, and God will over-rule it.
    (Of course, you'd need an answer if something does happen to your family or their family)
  • Don't buy it - and ruin your meal, plus give credence to a superstition.
    (Of course, you'd need to explain to your friend why you're not buying it)

This is a real life scenario, and no-one's judging. Both options have consequences and opportunities. What will you do?