One afternoon while I was visiting another town, I met up with a

friend of mine as she was sitting in her clothes shop. She greeted me

warmly and told my friend how we had met when she had just got divorced

and was really struggling. I had first seen her outside her shop and told her

that we had come to pray for this town, and that I felt that God wanted me to

pray for her in particular. She had burst into tears, and brought us inside, and

told me about her suffering - we prayed and cried together. She shared that

God had helped her so much since that first meeting.

She talked about her disillusionment with all the apparently

'religious' people around her, and we looked at 1 Samuel 16:7 where it

talked about God not looking at our outward things, but that he looks

at our heart. She said she is not religious but loves God. We looked

at Jeremiah 29:13,14: where God says, "If you look for me

wholeheartedly you will find me. I will be found by you." In talking

more about this, it was obvious that she has no concept of God as

someone she can find, or be found concept of being able to

have a real relationship with Him. She began talking more about the

things that she needs from Him.

After two cups of tea and lots of talking we prayed for her about

those things, and asked God that He would also give her a heart to

really seek Him Himself, that He would show her His love for her. She

was again touched by prayer, hugged me and said, 'please keep

coming'. She kept the two little pieces of Scripture I had written

out for her, and put them on her desk saying, I will keep reading these.