Since moving into our own house, you've read of some of my adventures with gardening and lawnmowing. I've had 'fun' with other tasks too - I've put together cupboards, fixed the toilet seat, poisoned weeds, and much more - none of which I'd had to do when living with others who were more than competent at these tasks.

Here's what struck me the other day though. I did these things! Why did I do them? Because I was put in a situation where I had to; where there was no-one else to do them. And I did alright in them!

It's almost like being thrown into the deep end gave me the impetus and energy to learn skills that I then discovered I could use. Didn't mean I was the best in the world at them - but I did them. And I did alright at them - even enjoyed them sometimes.

It's a shame that evangelism and church planting isn't often something we take the same view of.