What exciting news! In Issue 13 of Imagine, we wrote of Fiona (not her real name), a Gambian lady who made a wonderful recovery from a heart condition. We asked you to pray for her to commit her life to Jesus. Now Robyn, the Australian WECer who nursed her, reports that Fiona has joined God’s family.

“It was my joy and privilege to pray with her as she asked Jesus to be her Saviour.” Your prayers made a difference. Please keep praying. Robyn, who is on leave in Australia, said “Her mother did not react against it at the time, but I have heard that Fiona is getting a hard time from her family and others and is feeling very lonely”.

Before leaving The Gambia, Robyn visited several villages with the Chaplain of the medical clinic where she works. In one village the people were open and interested. Robyn and the Chaplain shared from God’s Word and prayed with them. They also met two Christian men, one a village chief. He is now thinking and praying about how to share his faith with the villagers. A third man was found reading his Bible in a local language. “What an encouragement”, said Robyn, “after years of sowing in the area”.