As I sat here with my 7 year old (on school holidays), I asked her 'What should I write a blog about?'. Her response was very telling.

  • First response = "What's a blog?".
  • Second response = "Let me come and see what you're doing so I can see what a blog is"
  • Third response = "Dad, why are you writing whatever I say?"

You may well wonder what this has to do with reaching people and planting churches...Here's an effort on my behalf.

First - Do we sometimes unrealistically expect responses from people when they are on a whole different level of thinking from us?
Have you ever asked your church to help you help missionaries, but not explained what you want and been disappointed by their (lack of) response?

Or have you ever shared the gospel with someone and used such strange words (eg Sin, Forgiveness, Salvation, Eternal life) that they just don't get you?

Second - We all learn differently.

How can you help your church learn about mission in the way that suits them?
How can you share the gospel with people in such a way that it suits the way they want to learn?

Third - It's just plain rude to write about someone without telling them about it.
The people we're trying to reach are normal human beings - let's not forget that, and so treat them with respect and love - not as a 'contact'.

And now my daughter wants lunch. But I'd love to hear what you think about our little chat today - comment below.