That's not a phrase you often hear - but I heard it twice this week. And you know what - I agree! You see, at the end of this year, I'll be leaving WEC after 16 years of missionary service (what some call "Living by Faith" - I'll save my wrath for another day about that phrase). And I'm scared to be entering the world that most of you live in.

  • The world where your pay only comes from an employer.
  • The world where sharing Jesus probably isn't part of your job.
  • The world where your workmates, your boss, and your job description probably aren't 'Christian'.
  • The world where you might have to do things just to get money, rather than because it's the passion of your heart.

It can be pretty scary. And it can seem easier just to keep 'living by faith' as a missionary. Easier to keep with what I know (even if I don't always enjoy what I know, or end up as thin as a skeleton ;-). But it's not what God wants. For many missionaries, this step is as much a call from God as their 'going into' mission was.

Enough rambling. Three take-aways:

  1. I want to genuinely bless those of you out in the world of 'secular work' (another phrase I don't like - but we won't go there now). It may well require as much living by faith as what missionaries have. And you're in a position that is absolutely necessary.
  2. Do you know a missionary coming to the end of their missions service? Please take a moment to encourage them, and to think about how to help them transition into this living by faith that you do.
  3. If I'm willing to take a step of faith out of mission, are you willing to take one into mission?