Four year old Adama along with his twin sister Howa were always a

vibrant, energetic and fiery duo. They are 2 of the most caring and

protective siblings I’ve met. Howa was spared from HIV, while less

fortunate Adama was infected at birth. AIDS has wrought devastation in

their family, resulting in the death of their parents, leaving Adama and

Howa orphaned and in the care of their poor and elderly grandmother.

Their Mothers passing in March, left Adama in a state of depression,

causing loss of appetite and significant weight loss. HIV coupled with

severe malnutrition left Adama susceptible to opportunistic Infections,

resulting in Tuberculosis, for the second time- as if he hadn’t suffered


Amongst the sadness, sickness and suffering there’s a great joy that

exists, and that’s Hope! Hope of healing! Hope of tomorrow! Hope of a

life shared with God! Seeing little Adama’s bright smile after gaining

1kg and regaining his strength after a fortnights admission- reinforces

why we are here. Raising awareness, doing what we can to prevent the

transmission of HIV (and other sicknesses) and treating the sick, so

that Adama’s story of sickness and tragedy is not repeated – motivates

us to keep going. Whether it be the preaching from the waiting hall, the

singing on the ward, the projection of the Jesus movie, or the sharing

and praying with patients in their homes- the Good News is being told,

and that’s the main reason we’re here; to see people encounter God and

to share their life with Him.