I was privileged to recently attend a conference where WEC chewed over what it means to respond to what God has already begun - sending people ‘from everywhere and to everywhere’, including many areas of the world we haven’t seen sending from before.
Here are a few quotes that challenged me:

“Among Christians from my city, 14% have been on short-term mission trips”.
This was spoken by a missionary in a country where there are very few Christians. And yet, the missionary continued, “They want to do mission, however they don’t know how to do it - They want mission agencies to help them”

“We want churches to have missions involvement from the time they are planted, not when they’re already developed”.
These words came from WEC’s Field Leader in Japan – a country where the church has struggled. Yet they are training pastors to mobilise their churches for mission, and want to celebrate 100 years of WEC by sending 100+ Japanese into short term mission during 2013!

“We believe that we (as one of Seoul’s major churches) are called to bring the Gospel to Japan and serve the Japanese people”.
This Korean church sent a team to Japan to network