Short Term Overseas Mission Program

STOMP - Short Term Overseas Mission Program - the best way to get your feet wet in world missions. Whether alone or as part of a team, in one of many nations, no matter your age, experience or background there is something you can do. For as little as one week all the way to two years there are opportunities for you.

Find your place in God's plan for this world, adventure awaits.

Take the leap today.


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Team STOMPS take groups of up to ten people, led by experienced WEC workers. These short-term missions last between two and four weeks and are a great option if you only have a short time to spare. Develop your skills through serving the poor, working with children, teaching English, hands-on practical jobs or using musical gifts in creative outreach. You will have the opportunity to learn from God and fellow team members. Be open to new experiences and be prepared to have your faith stretched!

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