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Are you feeling that tug on your heart? Do you watch the news or read about situations round the world and wonder what God is doing? Do you want to make a difference in the world, but as yet are unsure what to do about it? WEC Next Steps weekend camps may not have all the answers, but they do provide an opportunity to explore what God may be to you, and how God may be leading you. If you want to spend a weekend considering how you can make a difference in the world, then look no further than a WEC Next Steps weekend.

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Next Steps Weekend Camps

Over the course of a Next Steps weekend camp there will be opportunities for you to really seek God as to His role for you in His world. Together we will spend time thinking about what scripture says about making Jesus' name known. You will have the opportunity to listen and talk to people who have been at the coal face of missions. You will spend time hearing about the situation that many around the world live in and be given a chance to really pray for these people. You will also be given the chance to be transported all around the world as you sample food from different places. There will also be space for you to think, pray and reflect on the things we are thinking about, as well as plenty of time to chill out, have fun, share with others and make friends. If you are really exploring where it is that God wants you to serve them there is no better place to explore than on a WEC Next Steps weekend.

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Renée participated in a Next Steps weekend camp in 2018:

"Next Steps mission camp was filled with fun, fellowship and hearty conversations where we discussed and had opportunity to gain greater understanding of God's mission heart and plan. I particularly enjoyed and was encouraged through spending time with those who had a heart for the lost. My next steps included an enrichened prayer life which remembered the lost."

A Next Steps weekend camp had a massive impact on Amber:

"Taking a weekend out of my normally busy schedule to meet with God and His people was so crucial in my journey. It gave me great clarity in regards to what MY next steps were to be and I also gained friends who shared the same passion for mission."

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WEC Next Steps Camp - New South Wales

When: Friday 28 - Sunday 30 June 2019
Where: Yarabah Camp Centre, Morisset, NSW
Cost: $80

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WEC Next Steps Camp - Victoria

When: Friday 5 - Sunday 7 July 2019
Where: Belgrave Heights Convention Centre, Belgrave Heights, VIC
Cost: $80

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