Are you making big decisions about the subjects you'll study in the next few years? Or wondering if you should learn a trade? Or even if you should do something completely different after school? In making these decisions have you considered what it is that God wants you do?

You've heard that God wants you to share about Jesus with your friends. You know that your church supports missionaries in some far flung country somewhere. But have your ever put those two things together?

WEC's Next Step Teens weekend camps give you time and space to seek God and ask Him not only about these big decisions, but also to hear about His world and about the needs and opportunities there are out there.

Next Step Teen Weekend Camps

It's not just all big questions and deep discussions! WEC's Next Step Teen weekend camps are a great chance to meet new people, have lots of fun, kick back and chill out, whilst learning more about God's heart and His desire for people across the world to know, love and worship Jesus. You will spend time digging into God's word, praying for the nations, and challenging each other to consider how you can impact the Kingdom of God. You will also have the opportunity to try the amazing delights of food from around the world, do crazy cultural challenges and games, and have a lot of fun hanging out with friends old and new. God is on the move, He is doing some amazing things all across the world, and at a WEC Next Step Teens weekend camp God will be doing something to shape your heart too. If you are interested in missions, and want to find out more, then these camps are a great option for you.

WEC also runs a First Step Teens weekend camp, which is more of an introduction to missions, you do not need to have done a First Step Teens camp before a Next Step Teens, but for younger teens it may be advisable.

Want a Next Step Teen Weekend Camp for your Church or School?

Are you a Youth Worker, Youth Group Leader or School Chaplain? Do you want to challenge your youth group or students about missions? Or are you a church member who has responsibility for organising a weekend away for your church and are not sure what to do with the teenagers? A WEC Next Step Teens weekend is a great way to challenge your teenagers to think about the way they view the world, what they are living for and what role they can play in God's mission, whilst having lots of fun and getting involved in a whole range of different activities. WEC has teams members across the country who would be happy to come and run a programme for your church or school, you host the weekend and we'll do the rest!

If you are interested in investigating the possibility of hosting a Next Step Teen weekend please register your interest.