Are you passionate about God's Kingdom and seeing it extend to the utter most ends of the earth?

Do you want to walk along side others and see them reach their potential, doing what God wants them to be doing? Are you searching for your own area of service? Are you over 21 and have 16 hours a week to give to the Lord? Leap to a "yes" and we'll be seeing you.

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The Leap programme has been designed with flexibility in mind, yet allows you to be mentored into cross-cultural ministry. It will provide you with opportunities to discover how and where God is leading you, give you opportunities for training, both the theoretical and the practical, and will help you prepare for long-term service in mission.

Choose your own adventure

There are two forms for Leap available, the a Mobilisation Leap and a Media Leap:

The commitment for Leap is term time only unless attendance at a camp or conferences is agreed.

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As part of the Leap year you will have the opportunity to go on a STOMP, either as part of a STOMP Team or on an Individual STOMP. This STOMP trip will give you overseas experience for a minimum of 2 weeks. You will join one of the many WEC Teams based around the world spending time with the missionaries on the ground, listening to their stories and experiences, encouraging them in their ministry and also having the opportunity to serve yourself.

Accommodation and Cost

Whilst you are part of the Leap programme you will be encouraged to live in one of the WEC Centres at a subsidised rent, or in community with WEC members, this may require you to share accommodation with others. WEC will grant you a Leap allowance, towards costs for mobile phone usage, travel, and hospitality etc. Other costs such as general living costs will not be provided for.

Church Support

WEC Australia expects that anyone who is applying to Leap will be a fully committed Christian and will have the blessing and the prayer support of their local church. We will not accept anyone onto the Leap programme without a reference from their church leader and will seek to meet with your church leadership a couple of times throughout the.

Those who apply must:

  • be a follower of Jesus
  • be willing to learn and serve
  • be an active member of a local church
  • have a sincere desire to explore and prepare for long term cross-cultural ministry
  • be 21 by December 31st 2020

All applications for Leap 2021 must be received by Monday 21st December 2020