Want to experience a gap year programme like no other? Then Jump right in!

On Jump, together with other "Jumpers", you will be given the opportunity to experience life in a mission agency first hand. You will have the chance to engage in cross-cultural ministry and learn at the Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies in Launceston, Tasmania.

You will also be trained in running our primary and teens ministries and then run them as a team in metro and rural areas. Finally, you will complete your year by doing a three month overseas placement with one of the many WEC teams around the world.

Jump promises to be an action packed year that will change your life!

Check out this explanation video from Richard.

Overseas Placement

The overseas placement you will participate in will be one of six options that will presented to you during your orientation weeks. We will work with each individual participant to find the best match of placement for them depending on their gifts, abilities and desires. Usually you will go overseas on this placement on your own, but maybe paired with another participant. Everyone who goes overseas will be received by a WEC team member, who will help you to settle in and to get involved in ministry in the country.

Whilst we are still planning on overseas placements for 2022, the unknowns of COVID-19 may affect this component going ahead. In that case we will endeavour to put another module in place.

Accommodation and Cost

Throughout the year, while you are based in Australia you will be a resident at one of the WEC Centres. Jump within Australia will cost each participant $4,200, which will cover flights, accommodation and expenses during term time to do the course.

Not included in this price: Breakfast, weekend meals and personal costs whilst at Worldview and all food and personal costs whilst at other WEC Australia Centres.

Estimated cost for overseas placement is $1,500 for flights and $2,000 for living expenses.

Jump 2020 1

Church Support

WEC Australia expects that anyone who is applying to do the Jump year will be a fully committed Christian and will have the blessing and the prayer support of their local church. Your local church will play an important role in your Jump year and will share in your journey over the 12 months. WEC will not accept anyone onto the Jump programme without a reference from their church leader and will seek to meet with your church leadership a couple of times throughout the year.

Those who apply for Jump must:

  • be a follower of Jesusbe willing to learn and serve
    be an active member of a local church
    be willing to experience cross-cultural ministry both in Australia and overseas
    be 18-23 on December 31st 2021

All applications for Jump 2022 must be received by Thursday 14 January 2022

To complete the application process for Jump you will be required to:

  • Request an application form
  • Submit the application form by Thursday 14 January 2022
  • Provide WEC with 2 referees one of whom is a leader in your church (part of the initial application form)
  • Undergo an application interview
  • Attend orientation starting February 7 in 2022