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More than Bananas

Author: Glenn Myers

More than Bananas: How the Christian faith works for me and for the entire Universe.

“Instead of nothingness, there's us. Instead of a blank oblivion, there are celebrity TV shows, duck-billed platypuses, galaxies, music, cheese, and you and I. There's got to be a story behind this. How was this allowed to happen? How did nothing become something? And how did the something become this? Not to mention: Why is there suffering in the world? And Why are there three-toed sloths? And How do I live a good life?

"Science explains why I evolved to eat bananas, but not the rest of this stuff. To understand that, we need something more than bananas."

Published by Fizz Books 2014, 112 pages.

ISBN-10 0956501052
ISBN-13 978-0956501059

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