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Mission Headquarters Compound Manager - The Gambia

This roles involves ensuring the smooth running of the WEC headquarters compound in The Gambia. Duties include the oversight of the compound and management of the employees, i.e. watchmen, gardener, maintenance staff. Ensure that the buildings and the compound is maintained and anything broken is repaired. Help in the orientation of newcomers to the field, as most of them usually stay in the guesthouse for the first days or weeks. Work alongside the guesthouse manager (the guesthouse as well as offices and a hall are on the WEC HQ compound). This is not a full time ministry so depending on your gifting and calling, you could also be involved in other ministries.

Qualifications: An ability to work with people, enjoy challenges and be flexible essential. As most workers are male, a man would be better to fill this post.

Country: Africa


Duration: 1-2 Years