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Videographer or Camera operator - Middle East

Are you familiar with studio equipment? Do you have experience behind a video camera? Take part in the filming of worship music videos in local language dialects.

We are needing you to help with B-Camera operating, lighting, audio/sound design, set design, etc for a small-scale production videos.

A typical task in a shoot, would be to assist the DP/Cinematographer with setting up the lights, running a boom mic, or operating a second camera. If you have your own equipment to bring, that could be helpful but not needed.

You will embrace the team's vision to see vibrant, healthy self-sustaining indigenous, worshipping churches planted among this people group. Visa requirements would include working 15 hours per week in a similar role with our NGO.


You have adequate experience in using quality audio-visual equipment for small-scale video production.

Ideally you have an 'eye for the frame' and are able to achieve the cinematographer's vision through lighting, camerawork, clear audio capture, etc. You are an eager, willing student.

Adequate English fluency would be required. You will be expected to do some language learning and culture acquisition during your stay.

We cannot give details online about the countries, situations and opportunities we have found where you can serve in the Middle East region, but we should be able to tell you more when you meet us face to face.

Country: Middle East


Duration: 3-6 Months