Ref – 11884

Tentmakers/Business people - South Asia

Visas and permission to come to a country, are getting harder and harder to obtain in many areas of South Asia. However, the door is still wide open for people with experience in starting and running businesses. You can join our church planting / teaching teams, and also run a legitimate business in South Asia. Our team is committed to integrity. This would be a legitimate business that you would form, keep financial records for, and ultimately (if all goes well with it) let flourish. All the while reaching out to those in the community. A portion of the initial time would also be dedicated to learning the local language.

Qualifications: Experience or knowledge of how to run a business would be ideal. Having a specific skill set (teaching music, software engineering, sports coaching, leadership training, etc) which you could form a business around would be necessary.

Duration: 2+ Years