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Teachers - Primary and Secondary - South Asia

This international school offers education from primary level to IGCSE and A Level exams. As a boarding school, the residential care of the pupils is personal, creating a safe home for the children of missionaries serving across South Asia.

Teachers are needed for the following subjects (up to IGCSE or A Level):
English Literature, Maths, Geography, History, Science, Chemistry, Design and Technology, plus teachers of Musical Instruments (especially piano and brass), Special Needs, EAL/ESL, ICT/Computer Science, and Physical Education. Staff at this popular residential school have a high degree of job satisfaction and a strong appreciation for the school's Christian aims and purpose.

You are a qualified teacher with degree and relevant teaching experience. As a practising Christian, you are willing to serve alongside local staff at the same salary. Accommodation is provided on campus. You are fluent in English and will participate fully in the life of a busy boarding school, including extra-curricular activities, in order to support the dormitory parents.

Country: South Asia


Duration: 1-2 Years