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Medical doctor - The Gambia

Our Gambian team is looking for doctors for a rural clinic in Sibanor, Gambia. Any length of time from one month to long term would he helpful. The doctors share responsibility for the ward and care for all the patients out-of-hours.

You will be allocated to either the general outpatient clinic or the HIV clinic for routine clinic duties and also be responsible for teaching, maintaining clinical standards in the clinic and developing relationships with other healthcare providers in the Gambia. The clinic was a WEC ministry for many years. In 2018 it was handed over to the local church who now run it.

Qualifications: Doctors with five years postgraduate experience are preferred, as you will need to be independent when on-call and to carry leadership responsibilities.

Experience in obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics or general practice is particularly helpful. A diploma in tropical medicine is helpful, but not essential. Flexibility and a willingness to try new things is important. Retirees are also welcome including those who would like to work intermittently e.g. one or two months at a time on a regular basis.

Country: Africa


Duration: 3-6 Months