Ref – 9106

Medical doctor - The Gambia

We are looking for one or two short-term doctors to join our team for six months to two years. The clinic provides primary health care services including antenatal, maternity, paediatric and adult medical care. There is a small ward and a specialist HIV clinic. You will share responsibility for the ward and care for all the patients out-of-hours and will be allocated to either the general outpatient clinic or the HIV clinic for routine clinic duties. You will also be responsible for teaching, maintaining clinical standards in the clinic and developing relationships with other healthcare providers in the Gambia. We are looking for a short-term doctor to work alongside us, to enable the long-termers to complete language study and to take their leave. Our experience is that doctors take six months to feel that they are really contributing to the work here and everyone who stays for this time or less says they wish they had stayed longer, so we would prefer someone who could come for at least six months. However, we would be willing to discuss shorter visits if the timing was strategic. Our vision is to use the contact we have with patients to identify those who have an interest in the gospel or who would like us to pray with them as they seek God’s help and healing for their medical problems. We work closely with the Gambian church and church members take opportunities to preach to patients, pray with them and show the Jesus film on the ward. There would be opportunities for a short-term doctor to develop relationships with our mostly Muslim staff and the young people in the village who speak good English and to be involved in discipleship activities within the church.

"I have loved my time at Sibanor with WEC. I have had the opportunity to learn new skills, develop in confidence as a doctor and grow in my Christian faith. It has been a huge privilege to be welcomed by the Gambian people and to serve alongside the amazing missionary team here."

Qualifications: Doctors with 5 years postgraduate experience are preferred, as you will need to be independent when on-call and to carry leadership responsibilities. Experience in obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics or general practice is particularly helpful. A diploma in tropical medicine is helpful, but not essential. Flexibility and a willingness to try new things is essential.

Duration: 1-2 Years