Lab technician unsplash

Ref – 9107

Laboratory Technician - The Gambia

We are looking for a lab technician to join our team in The Gambia (Sibanor) for any length of time to provide specific training and upgrade the skills of our local staff. The clinic provides primary health care services including antenatal, maternity, paediatric and adult medical care. There is a small ward and a specialist HIV clinic. The lab provides a basic service including measuring Hb, PCV, malaria smears, sputum smears for TB, rapid diagnostic tests for HIV and RPR, urine albumin and dipstick, and gram and India Ink stains of CSF. We also take blood for CD4 count, but these are analysed elsewhere.

An experienced lab technician who is able to work in a low resource setting. Flexibility and a willingness to try new things is essential. Any length of time. This would also suit a person who could do intermittent short visits such as a retiree.

Country: Africa


Duration: 3-6 Months