Ref – 8257

MK School Counsellor - Senegal

This is a part-time role at Bourofaye Christian School, Senegal and would be undertaken in conjunction with another role. We would like to recruit a professional counsellor or someone with some training and/or experience in counselling.

Qualifications: We are looking for someone with a strong Christian faith, and good communication and listening skills. The successful applicant will be good with kids, and also able to work well with staff. Ideally, we are looking for someone with overseas experience and/or experience with missionary or third culture kids. They will be willing to be involved in prevention work – e.g. stress management, anxiety, re-entry, anger management, bullying prevention, and in team building work. The successful applicant needs to be someone who can establish good boundaries, but who also can be part of community life within those boundaries. We are looking for someone with a servant heart who is willing to help the school with practical and logistical tasks, according to the applicant’s training and gifting.

Country: Africa


Duration: 1-2 Years