Ref – 12161

Builder/Draftsman Instructor - South Asia

A Christian residential college in South Asia, which specialises in teaching building and construction, is prayerfully searching for a builder-instructor. They would like someone who has specialised in masonry (with further education or qualifications in draftsmanship plus practical experience on the building side) and who desires to pass on his/her knowledge and know-how to the students.


  • Completed craftsman training, if possible with some training in leading and teaching. Minimum of 4 years vocational experience.
  • Able to draw plans and calculate the estimation for outside work projects.
  • Willing to live near by the students and care for them.
  • Able to encourage and teach young people spiritually and vocationally.
  • Emotionally mature and stable temperament.
  • Ability to work as a close-knit team.
  • Active Christian who belongs to a church.
  • Willing to understand and adapt (when necessary) to the local culture.
  • Has a driver's licence.

This position would suit a married couple.

Duration: 1-2 Years