Bookkeeper/Treasurer - New Zealand

Our NZ branch is looking for a Bookkeeper / Treasurer who has a heart for missions and cross-cultural ministry, and enjoys working in a team environment. WEC New Zealand is situated in Gordonton, Waikato. As well as providing member care and support to our overseas workers, we run orientation courses for those wishing to join WEC and liaise with local churches in promoting missions and cross-cultural outreach. This is a full time voluntary position, and on site accommodation is available.

Description: Provide strategic oversight of WEC NZ's finances, with accountability to the branch as a whole for how funds are distributed and spent. Ensure that the finances of the branch run smoothly and are managed in accordance with WEC's financial ethos. Chair the Finance Committee; write and update financial policy; oversee bookkeeping and banking; monitor the branch's overall financial position; ensure that the branch acts with legal integrity. Administer the branch's cash flow; budget finances to meet current and future needs.

Qualifications: Past experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Ability to manage and budget and fluent in English.

Ref: 12483