Creative Arts

What ways can you use Creative Arts in Mission?

People use their skills, gifts and passions for the following creative arts to share the good news of Jesus cross culturally with WEC, check out the links below to find out more:

Read Imagine Magazine #42: Creative Arts in Mission

Creative Arts - Music and Worship

WEC has a number of ministries around the world that use the creative arts for missions ARTS RELEASE is a collective of creative arts specialists who love Jesus and people of other cultures. Utilising a…

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Creative Arts - Audio

RW is a ministry of WEC, that seeks to create audio media for broadcast, for use in cross-cultural settings that challenges people‚Äôs worldview. They also work to resource others to produce such media…

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Creative Arts - Finding Meaning In Making

Creative Arts are not just a way to reach out cross-culturally, but are also a way to connect with God on a deeper level. Finding Meaning In Making is a short course that ran at Worldview Centre for…

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Creative Arts - A Story

Umut Kalesi is a Turkish Youtube Channel with over 3,500 subscribers that makes music videos, talks about current affairs from a Christian point of view and engages young Turks in discussion. This has lead to…

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