An opportunity to do something great!

I Just Don’t Know What to do With Myself! So goes the song begins, in the 70s this song was played over and over on the radio and drove my mum crazy. She said ‘I wish that girl would find out what to do with herself.’

So it is with many of us when we are young, the spirit moves within us to reach beyond our normal Christian world to the unreached well outside our understanding. To be a ‘missionary’ seems a great idea but the way forward is complicated with so many opportunities. Being a Mobilisation Intern with WEC in Australia could be the answer.

We are seeking passionate people for the purposes of promoting Mission. An intern may be a part time Bible College or University student, youth worker/Pastor or someone of similar availability. It is for 12 hours per week. An Intern would join in with other Mobilisers and WEC missionaries in:

  • Co-facilitating one overseas WEC short term mission with another mobiliser.
  • Representing WEC at large mission events.
  • Engaging with the local Church and Bible Colleges. Speaking in churches and at youth meetings on behalf of WEC.
  • Contacting Church leaders and youth leaders to share the vision of reaching the unreached peoples of this world.
  • Joining in with Prayers Groups.

An Intern also has the opportunity to specialise one in of the following:

Event Management – Create a series of Mission Events that draw people into a greater knowledge of Unreached Groups and a passion for those who have never heard.

Media Production – Work with our Media department on a specific project. This could include a video production, a Mission prayer journal or publicising an unreached group.

Interns also broaden their understanding of the world and the work of God amongst the unreached peoples.

Jess, a past Intern, writes ‘What I enjoy most about being an Intern are the opportunities I have to interact with missionaries and people with a heart for missions, to hear their testimonies and to see the incredible ways God is moving and transforming lives worldwide. I have learnt - the hard way - that God works despite, and not because of, me. God has taken my weaknesses and the moments when I feel like I am failing miserably, and turned them into victories for him. As an Intern I had the opportunity of going on a mission trip to West Asia. This life changing experience opened my eyes to the people of the world who have never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus from a believer. The preciousness of my salvation hit home in a way that in never has before and more than anything else I want others throughout West Asia to be saved by the Lord Jesus too. On the mission trip, I saw the passion and love the Christian workers have for their lost land. It started me thinking, do I have even half that passion as I go about my day to day tasks? Do I love the people I work with even a fraction as much?