Jess, a past Intern, writes ‘What I enjoy most about being an Intern are the opportunities I have to interact with missionaries and people with a heart for missions, to hear their testimonies and to see the incredible ways God is moving and transforming lives worldwide. I have learnt - the hard way - that God works despite, and not because of, me. God has taken my weaknesses and the moments when I feel like I am failing miserably, and turned them into victories for him. As an Intern I had the opportunity of going on a mission trip to West Asia. This life changing experience opened my eyes to the people of the world who have never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus from a believer. The preciousness of my salvation hit home in a way that in never has before and more than anything else I want others throughout West Asia to be saved by the Lord Jesus too. On the mission trip, I saw the passion and love the Christian workers have for their lost land. It started me thinking, do I have even half that passion as I go about my day to day tasks? Do I love the people I work with even a fraction as much?

Have you ever considered becoming a cross-cultural worker?

Would you like to explore what that might look like? Do you want the opportunity to serve cross-culturally within your local community? What about connecting with like-minded people and learning from those already on the journey? Does the possibility of a short-term overseas mission trip excite you? Do you have 16 hours a week in hand to invest in your own journey? Have you answered ‘Yes’ to the above questions? Whether yours was a confident resounding ‘Yes!’, a tentative curious ‘Yes’, or something in between, you might just be the person that we are looking for. You may be one of the next WEC Australia Interns…

The WEC Intern programme aims to mentor people into cross-cultural ministry. It provides opportunities for the discovery of personal calling, and facilitates training, both theoretical and practical, in preparation for long-term service.


A person desiring to join the WEC Internship Program should be: a follower of Jesus, willing to learn and serve, have a sincere desire to explore and prepare for long-term cross-cultural ministry and 18 years or older


The aims of the Internship Program are:

  • To provide an opportunity for the Intern to discover their role in world mission.
  • To disciple Interns into cross-cultural ministry, particularly amongst unreached peoples, through on-going feedback and coaching.
  • To provide orientation into WEC, and exploration of various opportunities for cross-cultural mission.
  • To provide the Intern with opportunities to put into practice what they are learning, develop skills and discover their strengths and weaknesses within the contexts of cross-cultural ministry and missions’ mobilisation.

The 16-hour weekly timetable is flexible and includes times of prayer, training, coaching and chances to work alongside WEC mission mentors in Bible colleges and university groups. Interns are also involved in organising, publicising and attending missions events and camps.

One of the highlights of the year is the chance to join with others on a short-term overseas missions trip. This 2-3 week ‘rubber hits the road’ experience has proven invaluable for those considering long-term cross-cultural ministry.

Intern Blog

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