Your journey doesn't end once you're living in another culture. WEC Australia believes in life-long learning and there's always the opportunity to keep developing professionally (just as there is in any job). A team of coaches and trainers are available to help you put into practice on the field what you have learnt at Candidate Orientation and provide on-going training when you are on home leave.

prefessional development

WEC International is committed to helping you develop in ministry while you are on the field.

To that end we have a Professional Development Co-ordinator who will provide you with a coach who will relate to you on a regular basis, walk you through ethnographic research and provide seminars related to cross cultural church planting. Fields and regions also organise regular training opportunities, for example, Leadership Development seminars.

WEC International has a number of Missionary Training Colleges around the world whose goal it is to help anyone wanting to grow their skills in cross-cultural mission and church planting. Many of these run their courses as individual modules or intensives for just a few weeks. Part of the reason for this is to help missionaries continue to develop themselves professionally without having to take extended time off from ministry overseas.