There are many ways that you can pray - choose your option.

Will you accept the challenge of 40 days of intercession for a cause, a people group or a ministry? (see below). Or maybe you want to make a long term commitment to praying for an individual worker or becoming a prayer advocate for a specific branch, nation or people group? How about joining in with a group of intercessors to pray together, whether face to face or by distance? Or being part of a Prayer Team that goes to the nations?

There are so many ways you can pray, so many places, add some more places to pray into the rhythms of your life. Pray when you stop at a red light (with eyes open), or during the ad breaks on TV or while you mow the lawn. Set an alarm on your phone and pray for a minute each hour - or even just a few minutes each day. Or get creative and pray with brush and canvas, a journal and pen or a lump of clay. Whatever it takes.


Skip a meal a week - try some fasting and see the results, or join in with others, with a small group or your church. Pray through a prayer guide or an app. Pick a missionary or a people group or two and pray each week.

As endless as there are prayer points in this world, so are the ways to pray.

If you are interested in any of the above, or want to know more about praying for the nations contact us to find out more. Or check out a few ideas below.

Pray Every Day

Whether using the printed or emailed prayer guide or via an app, there are great ways of getting daily prayer points to pray for WEC and the world.

find out how

40 Days of prayer

Praying for fishers of men

Gather to pray

Prayer Gatherings are WEC's Annual National Prayer Events, usually spanning a weekend, they move around the country.

Prayer Gatherings

There are numerous other prayer events, retreats and other opportunities to pray all around the country. Check out our events page or follow us on social media to discover local options.

WEC Events