wec prays

Whoever, where ever, however old we are, at the heart of our walk with God there must be a life of prayer.

The Core of WEC states "Prayer is a priority and integral to everything we do."

This is not just a sentence on a page, its a statement of intent, and something we seek to live out in every aspect of our lives and ministry.

What a privilege it is to be able to not only talk to the God who made everything, but to know that he is listening; and that he responds.

HE speaks back; the Living God who created all and sits enthroned on high over all creation actually joins us in that place of prayer. He speaks, he laughs, he leads, God moves!

When God is at work, who can resist him?

Do we hear him? Do we listen for him?

Do we know what to pray for?

Join us on a journey with the Living God, lets talk to God and eachother.

Mountains crumble; nations shake
At the sound of his voice.
The dead are raised; captives set free!
O' the strength of his arm.

Grace outstretched; so long.
The depth of his love,
The height of his glory.
His plan unfolding.

Calling his children
A herald to the nations.
Words of mercy,
that they might come.

That they might come,
To the Father's house.
To the place of peace.
To the seat of joy.

Praise be to the Father.


Gather to Pray

Prayer is often done best in community. When the people of God gather together to seek Him, He is there. We trust he who is with us to guide and direct our prayers and petitions in accordance with his will.

WEC has a number of options to pray with others, whether through any of a number of frequent prayer meetings at WEC centres, or other places, or along with various WEC friends and supporter's groups or prayer forces. Maybe you could join one, or start your own! Get in touch to find out how you can pray with WEC.

Or connect in with one of our irregular prayer events, such as our annual prayer gathering. These are open to all with a heart to pray and seek God for his world.

Many ways to pray

There are very few things like the power of a daily pray-er. Someone who consistantly falls on their knees in intercession day in and day out. But not everyone is called to be an intercessor - though everyone is called to pray.

How is God calling you to pray?