Stepping into Mission

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Short-Term Overseas Mission Program

Short-term mission is a great way to experience the world of missions . Join an organised STOMP team and experience missions first hand or let us tailor make a STOMP to fit you!

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Tailor-Made STOMPS

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Go short term and experience life with a WEC International team first hand. We'll work with you to match up your interests, gifts and timeframe

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No matter how big or how small your family is, we can find a short-term opportunity for you to experience life overseas with a WEC International team

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Disciple those in your church, youth group or school etc. by sending a team to join a WEC International team and experience mission first hand

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...missions! Exploring missions doesn't have to feel like a cliff dive.  Take an entry level dive into missions by joining with others in one of our DIVE INTO short-term missons trips. Created for 18-35 year olds, with participants coming from all across the world, enjoy a cross-cultural team as you cross-cultures.

Three trips in 2023:

  • DIVE INTO South East Asia (5 June - 4 July)
  • DIVE INTO Spain 20 July - 17 August
  • DIVE INTO Balkans (11 Sept - 24 Sept)

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STOMP Experience


Tailor-made STOMP to Spain

I went on a STOMP to Spain as part of a WEC gap year. I was there for three weeks and had some incredible experiences.

I spent a week living with recovering and reformed drug addicts in a Betel house. Betel runs rehabilitation houses for both men and women all over the world. It was a great learning experience, and the week with Betel was particularly eye-opening as I realized some prejudices, I held but didn’t know about. It was a place filled with joy and love and I hadn’t expected that. What things do you believe deep down? Why not do a STOMP trip and challenge yourself to find out?


Team STOMP to East Aisa

Something that struck me was how quickly and boldly the workers would turn conversations with locals to Jesus and his saving work. While living ordinary Christian lives as strangers in an unfamiliar land, they season every interaction with the gospel, and bear great fruit as they do so. They truly live out Colossians 4:5-6 every day, and challenged us to do the same. We are all so grateful for our ten days in East Asia, and the lessons we learned about cross-cultural ministry.”


Tailor-made STOMP to the Middle East

The preparation really helped me consider how much there is going on that you just don't think about in a culture. It was an amazing opportunity to meet other workers, hear their stories and see God at work through so a variety of people. I went expecting answers and a clear path forward, instead God challenged me by presenting many different ways to serve Him.


Tailor-made STOMP to West Asia

I am responsible for the two kid's home schooling - it has been an absolute joy to help the family in this way. My being here gives both parents more time and energy to be meeting with people, doing pastoral care and kingdom work.

I have had the privilege to see what cross-cultural work is like from the inside. I’ve been encouraged and challenged and have grown. This time has given me the chance to see Jesus through another culture's eyes.



Dive into Spain

The trip was as good as expected; I learnt so much about God and myself. I would highly recommend anyone to do this.


Tailor-made STOMP to Asia

Did the trip change my life? It certainly made me more aware of the challenges that come with working in a cross-cultural setting, with an international team. After sharing some of the challenges I experienced, I have been asked, ‘Do you still want to go into mission?’. I believe that God is still leading me to cross-cultural ministry, so in that sense the trip didn’t change my life, it just affirmed the direction in which I am already heading.

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"The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time."
Carl F. H. Henry

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