How can you review a year of cross cultural missions during a global pandemic? Didn’t everything get put on hold? It’s been remarkable for us to consider how God has worked in and through WEC Australia. As with the book of Esther, 2020 is a story that will be re-told in history.

God is bigger than our circumstances and as we contemplate what He’s done we can see he has “spoken”. There is still a place for cross cultural missions even when borders are closed and visas are hard to obtain. God has orchestrated situations to bring about His purposes and at the end of this year we continue to know for sure He will keep His promise in Revelation 5 that “…every tribe, nation, people, tongue…” will one day worship Him.

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2020 has seen more candidates applying to prepare for mission than we have had for many years, and all this with diminished possibilities of face to face meetings and travel. When our financial source suddenly disappeared the Lord supplied our needs from the most unlikely places. Truly national prayer and engagement in worship and unity doesn’t require travel as we saw when over 100 of us engaged in prayer across the country for the unreached. New ministry opportunities arose as another mission agency which was closing approached us to take on both their workers and the ministry of Sydney Refugees.

Does this mean 2020 hasn’t been difficult? A resounding NO! We have members stranded in Australia who can’t get out to their places of ministry, we have visa and financial challenges and have had to think creatively to do what we usually do in a whole new way. Yet we know for sure that God wants us to keep moving forward with our eyes on Him, in order that Christ may be known, loved and worshipped by unreached peoples. What a privilege to journey with our God who leads us in such unexpected ways despite the circumstances around us.

With our thanks for your prayers and support of WEC Australia this year.

The Australian Leadership Team

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