WEC Adopts a Church Centred Approach with its ministries. This means the local church is at the centre of training and sending people into cross-cultural church planting among unreached people groups.

The local or sending church is the context in which cross-cultural missionaries are nurtured and discipled, identified by church leadership, and thrust out by the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:1-4).

Why did WEC Adopt this Approach?

We identify with scriptures such as Ephesians 3:1-11 that speaks about how the gospel has reconciled Jew and Gentile, bringing them together in a gathering. This gathering is a testimony to the purposes of God accomplished in Christ and is central in God's mission. It is both the vision of the Great Commission and the means of fulfilling it. We are sent by our sending churches to plant new churches among unreached people groups through WEC.

When did WEC Adopt this Approach?

At WEC Australia's national conference in 2004 Evelyn Hibbert, an international trainer for WEC, challenged delegates with the concept. The conference agreed to pursue the approach across all our training and sending ministries. Since then WEC Australia's teams have been working at implementing the concept.