Playing Pilate

Easter time for our church became a time of great activity. Each year we would present a Passion Play in two parts over the three days. On Good Friday, in full public view in the carpark we would stage the trial and sentencing of Jesus.

My role was Pilate, duty bound to keep the peace, to represent Roman Rule and caught up in the rabble of the Jews, who previously hailed Jesus as King but now called for his death.

Jesus, after the trial and whipping, would be led away and into the church building. Our audience would follow into the church to witness the crucifixion, the death and the body of Jesus carried away to the tomb.

On the Sunday we celebrated with the resurrection, the women at the tomb, the angel and Mary, caught in grief asking the gardener for her Lord’s body.

We sang as Jesus revealed Himself, knowing that even as He then overcame death, he still does today, with the rallying cry would would a shout HE IS RISEN, HE IS ALIVE