Marching... cookies

I'm not living there now but these are some of the things we did for Easter in a Muslim majority country in West Asia.

For a number of years the churches would have an Easter march down the street of one of it's main suburbs. Displaying banners and singing choruses together. The children too did some special singing and dancing items. This though was banned after the coup a few years ago as public groups of people gathering were no longer permitted.

While it lasted though it was a wonderful opportunity to show that there is a national Christian presence that is excited about their faith and was an opportunity to share about this faith in some way in a public setting.

Our church, just before Easter, put together little cookie bags with an invitation to our Easter service included in them and gave them out to our friends & family, neighbours and surrounding shop workers.

On Easter day we decorated the church with fresh flowers, During the service the children would usually act out the resurrection of Jesus, interspersed with readings and snapshots of the crucifixion scene from the Jesus film and some choruses. Then we would share a gospel message.

At the end of the program the children would be given "Easter eggs" (Kinder surprise eggs) and everyone would have a big Easter lunch together (as everyone from the church would bring a meal or dessert to share.)

It was always a very happy (and exhausting :) day and a great opportunity, as we often had curious visitors or friends and relatives attend as it was a special day. We have very special memories of these times of celebration.

These are just a few of my memories..