A German Easter... Or not

It’s just before dawn on Easter Sunday... a German congregation gathers in the darkness of a cemetery Chapel. The building, surrounded by graves; many those of past family members. What a fitting setting at Easter.

The group sing songs and listen to the account of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; the Saviour of the world. Then they light candles and the room glows with tiny flickering flames.

Dawn breaks, the group move into the cemetery. They place candles on the graves of family members, recognising Jesus as the Light and Hope of the world. They have the hope that one day they will be reunited with loved ones who knew Jesus and all will see Him face to face. What a reason to celebrate.

Then it’s off to the church hall for breakfast together followed by a traditional Easter Day service.

Deborah is from Germany and this is how her family at home celebrates Easter.

Unlike her family, Deborah and her husband serve Christ in a part of the world where Easter is not celebrated. Where they now live, very few acknowledge Jesus as their Saviour; they do not have the hope knowing him brings.

Will you pray that at this time, many in such lands will hear the message of salvation?

The hope we have in Jesus... the hope our loved ones have in Him. This hope is for all nations, all peoples, and for all their loved ones everywhere. May the good news of Jesus Christ come to these peoples.