We might be getting a bit tired of Zoom meetings, but isn’t it great that we have the technology to keep in touch while our lives have changed so dramatically?

Imagine being in stuck at home without either phone or internet access. This was the case for one part of the Indian subcontinent. In August last year, the central government seized control of the region and put the residents into lockdown. Schools, universities and businesses, including shops, hotels and restaurants, had to close.

According to some estimates, this resulted in the loss of one hundred and fifty thousand jobs. Even harder was the complete shutdown of internet and phone services. For two months, until phone services returned, this area was effectively shut off from the rest of the world.

Subcontinent abhishek baru Ioi82 V Re PW8 unsplash

In March this year the internet was restored, but with only 2G speed. Schools reopened, but then COVID19 reared its ugly head. Two weeks later, the government imposed another strict lockdown, forcing schools and businesses to close once again. Students have now gone for many months with hardly any schooling. Few have computers at home, and with very slow download speeds, online classrooms are just not possible.

Tourism is the mainstay of many in this area. With no tourists coming and no financial support from the government, large numbers of people are desperate, and businesses are closing down permanently.

Will you pray for the people of this region? 97% of the population practise Islam, and their need for salvation is great.

  • Pray Christians in the area will be able to point people to Jesus and that many will find forgiveness, peace and hope.
  • Pray that those suffering economic hardship will have their needs met.
  • Pray for protection from COVID-19.
  • Pray for school children to be able to catch up on their education when schools reopen.
  • Pray the government will have mercy on the people.