North Caucasus

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Please check for the latest travel advice to this area - due to current advice (Jan 2019) this trip is not available to sign up for. We are hoping the advice will be reviewed again soon and the level in this area will be lowered, meaning this trip will be able to go ahead in Jan 2020.

The North Caucasus are an area of the world that have seen their fair share of war and trouble.

Have you ever wanted to be an encouragement to others bringing the peace and hope of Jesus to them? On this trip you will have the opportunity to visit for a part of the world that is rebuilding and being transformed. Together we will soak up the tastes, the smells, the sights and the sounds of this amazing and very traditionally Islamic part of the world, trying to understand even a little about their ways and customs. You will have the opportunity to teach in an English camp, hearing the stories of those who have lived in this area their whole lives, speaking with them and praying for them. We will also seek to encourage local believers, as we learn from them and their situations. Prayer will be a major part of the trip, walking the streets, meeting the locals, and listening to God. This will not be a trip for the faint-hearted, but for those who are serious about seeing God make a difference.

Contact: Matt McNulty

Cost: $4,000 approx. (depending on length of trip)